Evergreen Nurseries Inc.

Evergreen Nurseries Inc. is more than a local institution. We are a family business founded on the reputation of providing high quality plants and landscape supplies. We understand the need for a better outdoor space. Designing and installing a landscaped garden is a good way to create a more relaxing living space. It also adds beauty and value to your property. Our dedicated service starts with creating a landscape design that suits your home’s structure and available outdoor space.

At Evergreen Nurseries Inc., plants are our passion. Visit our large garden center for the finest selection of plants available today in a variety of balled, burlapped, and container-grown sizes. We carry a variety of evergreens, shade trees, grasses, and shrubs, both old-time favorites and the newest cultivars. Our plants are carefully selected for hardiness, and we are always researching new varieties to add to our inventory. We also offer a complete line of annual and perennial flowers to put color in your garden from the first signs of spring until late autumn.

While most “big box stores” sell plants on hot parking lots, our stock is grown under optimum nursery conditions and is cared for by professional gardeners. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you need all the help you can get the staff at Evergreen Nurseries Inc. will guide you to the perfect selection based upon your individual needs. Evergreen Nurseries Inc. can also arrange for delivery and planting of your purchased trees, shrubs, and evergreens. Can any “big box” store say the same? Come in and experience the difference plant people not salespeople make.

It takes time, effort, and skill to install and maintain a landscaped garden. Our goal is to take the stress away so you can focus on your daily routine and spend quality time with your family. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation.