Team Bios

Chad Flayhan, Maintenance Division

As President, I create a strategic plan to promote the company’s mission statement and goals, and make sure that different departments work together to produce products and services efficiently and profitably. In addition, I examine financial statements and modify objectives and business plans according to market trends and economic conditions.

Furthermore, I take great pride in inspiring and motivating my staff, my clients, and my community in a constant effort of the importance of the cultivating and maintenance of our Gardenscapes, so that they may continue to be beautiful and bloom! Our product most often meets or even exceeds our clients’ property care requirements while allowing ease of enjoyment of the property throughout the many seasons of our service care.

Greg Flayhan, Landscape Division/Garden Center

After graduating from college with a degree in business management in 1982 , I (with my brother) founded Evergreen Nurseries Inc. My passion for this work made me want to continuously grow in my knowledge within the industry. In addition to “hands on experience” for over 40 years, I have sought to learn and grow through design, and landscape management schools, classes, seminars and trade events. I continue to this day attending industry events and seminars.

A famous architect (my father) once told me, “when you are looking at a design project, don’t look at what is there and try to make it better, but rather look at it with the thought process of what should be there in the first place”. As the head of Evergreen Nurseries Inc. Landscape design/build division, I have looked at every property with that thought in mind. We have created hundreds of beautiful landscapes in the Westchester and Fairfield county area.